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Post Black Pearl - Arcade Mod Problem 

we all know Black Pearl is awesome, so i won't blow smoke...

but, i do have a problem i can't seem to get past on my own, the arcade mod (phpbb_arcade_1.0.RC7)

the problem i'm having is simple, the link to the arcade on the top bar of the Black Pearl page, you know, where ya have
" Members - Search - Faq", everything else i have working, just not that...

I have followed the subsilver2 instruction set, and it did the trick right up to this part on "overall_header.html"

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
<a href="{U_FAQ}"><img src="{T_THEME_PATH}/images/icon_mini_faq.gif" width="12" height="13" alt="*" /> {L_FAQ}</a>

Add Before
<a href="{U_ARCADE}"><img src="{T_THEME_PATH}/images/icon_mini_arcade.gif" width="12" height="13" alt="*" /> {L_ARCADE}</a>&nbsp; &nbsp;

here is what my overall_header.html looks like now...

Spoiler: [ Show ]

as is now, i have to enter "arcade.php" into the address bar... as i said, everything else is working

any help with this would be greatly appreciated

oh, and a big thanks to making a great theme, cheers

EDIT:  umm, never mind... found a work-around in another post

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]

...thanks anyway

keep up the good work, cheers

InsanitySend private message  
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Post Re: Black Pearl - Arcade Mod Problem 
Hi Insanity  
The Black_Pearl link bar edits (at the top of the page) are done to the menu_block.html file inside the same Dir.

Edit, just noticed that you had found a solution, (didn't see that before)

BobocopSend private messageVisit poster's website  
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