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Post Help Me To Move The Icons 
I just want to move this icons to the top like this forum..  

Please help me..


I already get the codes of that buttons.. but I cannot find where do I need to place it.


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Post Re: Help Me To Move The Icons 
Hi Saber,

I think you would have to play around above
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
                    <div class="postbody">{postrow.MESSAGE}</div>

in viewtopic_body.html


the exact same position as the buttons are on the icy-board would be:
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
<div style="float:{S_CONTENT_FLOW_END};"><!-- IF S_IS_BOT -->&nbsp;{postrow.MINI_POST_IMG}&nbsp;<!-- ELSE -->&nbsp;<a href="{postrow.U_MINI_POST}">{postrow.MINI_POST_IMG}</a>&nbsp;<!-- ENDIF --><b>{L_POSTED}:</b> {postrow.POST_DATE}&nbsp;</div></td>

But as you can see there is something else positioned there in phpbb ... the post date

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Post Re: Help Me To Move The Icons 
Thanks Josh! I already find it out in here.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
<td class="row-post-bottom"><div class="gensmall" style="float:{S_CONTENT_FLOW_BEGIN};">&nbsp;<!-- IF postrow.U_POST_AUTHOR --><a href="{postrow.U_POST_AUTHOR}">{PROFILE_IMG}</a> <!-- ENDIF --> <!-- IF postrow.U_PM --><a href="{postrow.U_PM}">{PM_IMG}</a> <!-- ENDIF --> <!-- IF postrow.U_EMAIL --><a href="{postrow.U_EMAIL}">{EMAIL_IMG}</a> <!-- ENDIF -->&nbsp;</div> <div class="gensmall" style="float: {S_CONTENT_FLOW_END};"><!-- IF not S_IS_BOT --><!-- IF postrow.U_DELETE --><a href="{postrow.U_DELETE}">{DELETE_IMG}</a> <!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF postrow.U_EDIT --><a href="{postrow.U_EDIT}">{EDIT_IMG}</a> <!-- ENDIF --> <!-- IF postrow.U_QUOTE --><a href="{postrow.U_QUOTE}">{QUOTE_IMG}</a> <!-- ENDIF --> <!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF postrow.U_REPORT --><a href="{postrow.U_REPORT}"><img src="{T_IMAGESET_PATH}/post_exclamation.png" alt="{L_REPORT_POST}" title="{L_REPORT_POST}" /></a> <!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF postrow.U_INFO --><a href="{postrow.U_INFO}"><img src="{T_IMAGESET_PATH}/post_information.png" alt="{L_VIEW_INFO}" title="{L_VIEW_INFO}" /></a> <!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF postrow.U_WARN --><a href="{postrow.U_WARN}"><img src="{T_IMAGESET_PATH}/post_warning.png" alt="{L_WARN_USER}" title="{L_WARN_USER}" /></a> <!-- ENDIF -->&nbsp;</div></td>


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