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Post Changing Title Text For Working In Google Search ? 
Hi guys.

Where or what do i have to change in my phpbb3 forum, so that google will scan the real description text about my forum.
Google seems to have locked onto the text mentioning facebook and when i type in the name into google. pixpast.com.

I get this.

PIXPAST.com • Index page***.pixpast.com/Im Cache
Sie geben hierfür öffentlich +1. Rückgängig machen
PIXPAST.com. The Best ... come in and say hello any time, pixpast.com now has its own facebook account. ... the new Facebook page for PIXPAST.com. Ian ...

But i want google to show up all the information about my forum being a home for antiqur photo collectors and historians.

Should i just swap out the text or maybe even move the tread postios in the forum ?

any ideas would be warmly welcomed.
thanks and best wishes.

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