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Post Hi Guy,i Have A Question,please Help Me! 
Hi there, firstly thanks to MG for his 'mighty' design of Black Pearl which I've been using for a while now

I recently had to re-install the forum and updated Black Pearl to the latest version but I'm having a problem with the board width. I originally set the board width to something like 1400px to fit my own screen (as it was before) but this didn't look great for many users on the board so I changed it to 1024px in the ms_config file. Now it's not as wide for me and topics with fairly large images stretch out to the right.

So my question is how can I set the width to 100% parameters rather than define it overall by 1024px? So it appears the same for all users, regardless of their own monitor specs?

Another minor change I'd like to make is the colour of the 'Subforum' text on the board index. At the moment it is bold grey but I'd like this to be bold red. Have never been able to sort it and I know it should be a simple change!

I've had the board for a while but I'm a 'newbie' for behind-the-scenes work so be gentle  

Thanks in advance!

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Post Re: Hi Guy,i Have A Question,please Help Me! 
Hi avatar autobee and welcome.

In the template folder you should have a file called "_mg_config.html" open it.

OPEN _mg_config.html
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
<!-- DEFINE $MG_GLOBAL_WIDTH = '960px' -->

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
<!-- DEFINE $MG_GLOBAL_WIDTH = 'auto' -->

For the other edit, try to look in "index_body.html" or if you post me a link of your forum, I'll try to be more precise.

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