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Post Smileys??? 

Can anyone tell where to download the extra smileys which IP has installed rite now?


cyber - Profile PM  
cyber [ Sun 29 Apr, 2007 14:33 ]
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Post Re: Smileys??? 
these smilies are not public at the moment and im not sure if mighty want to make them public ;-)

KugeLSichA - Profile PM  
KugeLSichA [ Sun 29 Apr, 2007 15:40 ]
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Post Re: Smileys??? 
ohh....i really wanted them!

anyways...i created a few smileys myself....and i want to use them in my IP board...

i made them just images like in png format...

any ideas?

cyber - Profile PM  
cyber [ Sun 29 Apr, 2007 16:23 ]
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