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Post Table Errors After Updating From Xs 058 
Hi, I get these table errors in my database "albertoc_foro" after updating from xs 058 to Icy Phoenix

# phpbb_flags: Table 'albertoc_foro.phpbb_flags' doesn't exist
# phpbb_upi2db_always_read: Table 'albertoc_foro.phpbb_upi2db_always_read' doesn't exist
# phpbb_upi2db_last_posts: Table 'albertoc_foro.phpbb_upi2db_last_posts' doesn't exist
# phpbb_upi2db_unread_posts: Table 'albertoc_foro.phpbb_upi2db_unread_posts' doesn't exist

And then, I can't access any post:

Could not obtain post/user information.


SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'u.user_from_flag' in 'field list'

The site is albertocomesana.es

I see the problem is what these tables don't exist, must I manually create them without any problem? Thank U

gahuarpagotoSend private message  
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