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Post Error While Importing BD 
Hello, first of all say that I do not speak English, I translate all the google translator.

What happens is that I installed on my forum icy phoenix test and import the database I get the following error:

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Critical Error

Error doing DB query userdata row fetch


SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'u.user_active' in 'where clause'

SELECT u.* FROM sdka_users u, sdka_sessions_keys k WHERE u.user_id = 2 AND u.user_active = 1 AND k.user_id = u.user_id AND k.key_id = '1eef8cd104be4d1005a7956638ef4e35'

Line : 102
File : sessions.php

I hope you can say that there is bug, thanks.

PD: My previous forum was SDKA project based on phpBB3, this download BD.

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Post Re: Error While Importing BD 
Hi SeF,

for now you can only move from phpBB2 to IP.

For more informations read this:

It is possible to change from phpBB3 to IP, but you must have experience with mysql and php scripts.

Often SEARCH is the quickest way to get support.
IcyPhoenix German Support
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