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Post Evolution Extreme's Member List 
Hello. I was hoping to address a small problem that you might find to be easy to resolve. In the /modules/Members_List/index.php of Evolution Extreme, they are using code from the mod Multiple Ranks And Staff View v2.0.3.
There is a sort function and all the sorting of the member's list seems to be OK except for a sort by staff. It seems like the bug might be specific to one small section of code that is between the Begin and End Multiple Ranks And Staff View modification.
In particular if you would not mind looking at this:
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
 [ Mod:    Multiple Ranks And Staff View       v2.0.3 ]
    case 'staff':
        $where_sql = "AND user_level > 0";
        $order_by = "user_level ASC LIMIT $start, " . $board_config['topics_per_page'];
    case 'online':
        if ( $userdata['user_level'] == ADMIN )
            $where_sql = "AND user_session_time >= $lastfivemin";
            $where_sql = "AND user_session_time >= $lastfivemin AND user_allow_viewonline <> 0";
        $order_by = "user_session_time DESC LIMIT $start, " . $board_config['topics_per_page'];
 [ Mod:    Multiple Ranks And Staff View       v2.0.3 ]

This is the section that should sort the member's list as a funtion of if they are defined as staff or not. As is, it does not work at all. However, if I change the "ASC" to "$sort_order  such that the line
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
$order_by = "user_level ASC LIMIT $start, " . $board_config['topics_per_page'];

looks like
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
$order_by = "user_level $sort_order LIMIT $start, " . $board_config['topics_per_page'];

It does at least sort by staff. Only issue is that is also mentions all the other members also and it seems like what is intended is for it to only display members of rank Staff
Not sure if you would need the whole index.php, but it seemed interesting that it was totally inoperative with the original code and that one line change significantly altered the functionality of this sort case.
Do you have any sugestions???  I will attach the complete index.php of Members_List

Description: Members_List/index.php compressed 
Filename: index.rar
Filesize: 5.66 KB
Downloaded: 59 Time(s)


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