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Post Adding Bbcode In Admin File For Mod In Beta 

I am working on a mod for new ICY release but I need to show the bbcode images in an admin file...

the bbcode works if you type it in the message box but the images are being called from the wrong path...

I have added

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to the file and the IP_ROOT_PATH is

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'IP_ROOT_PATH', '../'

but it only looks for the images at root/adm/images

where as I need it to look in root/images..

I have many combinations but cannot make it work..

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is stopping me from releasing a beta version of the mod...


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if anyone is interested in my templates I will upgrade them to Icy 2.0.
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Post Re: Adding Bbcode In Admin File For Mod In Beta 
Then one can only assume that the paths are wrong in the .php files for the mod you are trying to convert, or sometimes you need to add the "Full" path (Variables) in the MOD.php files you are playing with so that it doesn't use the Unix path.

Don't know? - Difficult to work out what you are doing without a full example of the MOD.
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