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Post Point "Close The Web" - Hot To Redirect Traffic Through .htaccess? 
Hi once again:

I'm just on the verge to upgrade my phpBB2 to Icy. The point is that, and excuse if it seems an obvious question, in the installation first steps. Some time ago I tried to do what it says, I mean, disabling the forum via the phppBB2 ACP. The trouble is that, once done that, when I call the update_to_ip.php it appears the phpBB2 automessage which announce the forum is disabled. I suppose I'm ignoring something basic, but I can't guess what it might be.

Nonetheless, the Hosting guys have told ne there's another option aside of this and, truth to be told, I think it's more attractive than the phpbb2 auto banner, which is what I guess it will show if I managed to make it well. Of course, this optin would be, on literal words, "you may consider to redirect all traffic which didn't come from your IP to a temporal page (an HTML, for instance) using redirections (mod_rewrite) in the .htaccess". The point is, as far as I understand from their message, this configuration depends on me to be done and the problem is that I don't know how to do that. Can anybody hand me a wire? Any info would be welcome, some informative link about this topic or something similar could fit, please.

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

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Post Re: Point "Close The Web" - Hot To Redirect Traffic Through .htaccess? 

If you are logged in as admin... you can disable your site and still move around it as normal...

if you want something more attractive to appear when your site is disabled you can change the wording in lang_main to whatever you like...

as you can use html in the lang file as long as you keep the ''(tags) either side you can place links images anything..

for example you have

Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later

you could replace it with

Sorry, but this board is currently down for maintenance.. <br /><br /> why not play a game while you wait

then you can embed a game or something similar or add some images or a countdown so members know how long it will be before you are back online...

Just some ideas...

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