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Post Need Help With Mysql DB 
Hi all.

I´ve one Problem.

How to make that myspql accepts half points???

I´ll try to ecplain a bit better. I´m using webtip Mod and since theres been one race with half points, i´m now trying to correct the points manualy in DB.

That goes fine to the time i´ve got to put 3,5 points or anything else with a comma.

mysql just puts the next bigger number there.

so i put 3,5 and DB says 4.

How can i change that ??


solved the problem myself changing the table to floating . now it works like i need it .

I used this code in PhpMyAdmin

Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. ALTER TABLE `ip_formel_wm` CHANGE `wm_points` `wm_points` FLOAT( 8 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; 

You only need to change the points manualy in PhpMyAdmin

Table ip_wm_points

Id of the rainrace with halfpoints 2

Out of Order
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