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Post Problem With Post Count 

I have recently encountered a problem with the post count in Icy Phoenix, and not only the post count, actually.

About a week ago I installed the newest version ( of Icy Phoenix on my site (fresh install, no upgrading). I posted a few articles on the forum and in the Knowledge Base, and a few users registered. Here are the problems:
1. First problem I saw, when I granted moderator privileges to one of the users a week ago, his nick color didn't change until today, when I cleared the cache.
2. One of the users didn't activate his account. I activated it manually yesterday, but the changes weren't visible until when I cleared the cache.
3. A user registered yesterday. The "Top posters" block didn't notice it, until I cleared the cache.
4. And finally, the main problem that the topic title refers to. Until today, there were 6 posts on my board and the post count showed up correctly. I posted 2 new articles in the Knowledge Base and 2 new threads were automatically generated on the forum. Now there are 8 posts in 8 threads, but the post count still shows up as 6 both on the main page and on the forum. Only module that noticed the change from 6 to 8 is the "Top posters" block, but again it noticed it only after clearing the cache.

I don't know, if it's normal, or the changes will be visible only the next day, or something, but I suppose they should be visible the moment they are made.

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I would forget to mention that all numbers are shown correctly in the ACP. Also, if you need to see the site, the address is ***.wiremod.pdg.pl.

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Post Re: Problem With Post Count 
It can happen, dependent on your configuration, that the DB goes a bit slow. Every change you make in ACP, You´ve got to clear cache afterwards.

Recomendet config on IP is MG recomendated or fast and furios, don´t use the full option , cause thats what causes DB to slow down a lot

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Post Re: Problem With Post Count 
I set the configuration to MG recommended, but that didn't fix the problem. I did manage to fix it though, by just posting on the forum - the counter updated itself then and it's ok now. I guess it might be an issue with the Knowledge Base automatic thread posting.

Also, not really connected to the topic, but it was puzzling me for a while - is there a way to make the threads posted by the Knowledge Base be not empty? Because when I post an article in the Knowledge Base, the automatically made post has empty body, only the title of the article is set as the thread title.

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