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Post Guest Posting? A Google Bot. 
yesterday i had a anoynmous Guest posting which had the topic of [KB] Test Article
which i looked up crawl-66-249-67-5.googlebot.com [ 1 Post ], problem is i have
it set to visual confirmation and only Registered users can post anywhere in the site.
got no user actually named guest. and ctracker Visual Confirmation for Guests enabled
yet we saw that empty post in our forums, i took precedence and under the spider/bot
disabled -all- of the bots in there, whats strange to me is also there is a google bot detector
and that being a google bot wasnt detected at all.

Now will disabling that and having all the captcha enabled * which they were all enabled before
hand* keep anything from posting in the forums asa Guest/anonymous? all forums
are set to Reg to post reply creat topics ect and view other then general which is viewable
by guests but not postable/replyable or anything.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

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Post Re: Guest Posting? A Google Bot. 
First of all set (at least) to REG all posting permissions in KB, as that post you are mentioning is just a notification of something posted in KB and it happens regardless to forum permissions.

If you want to enable Google Bot detector, you need to enable the switch in ACP configuration.

SEARCH is the quickest way to get support.
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