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Post [workaround] Bad Behavior With Postcount 
Hi ! (4th)

Just yesterday I've got a little bug. My own postcount was 0 but I had 2 posts ... And I don't even changed anything !
So I created a littke workaround in modcp.
Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. /modcp.php 

around line
Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. 360 

default code
Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. <? $count_sql[] = "UPDATE " . USERS_TABLE . " SET user_posts = users_posts - " . $row['posts'] . " 
  2.                     WHERE user_id = " . $row['poster_id']; 

Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1.                 //set the new post count to [actual]-[delete] IF [actual] gt delete. 
  2.                 $count_sql[] = "UPDATE " . USERS_TABLE . " 
  3.                     SET user_posts = CASE 
  4.                         WHEN user_posts >= " . $row['posts'] . " THEN user_posts - " . $row['posts'] . " 
  5.                         ELSE 0 
  6.                     END 
  7.                     WHERE user_id = " . $row['poster_id']; 
Two cases :
1) the author has more posts (in his postscount) than he's trying to delete. => default behavior
2) the author is trying to delete MORE posts than he have in his postscount. => set to 0 (because it would result in an negative number, and the field is unsigned (unsigned => does not allow negative numbers)).

Have a nice day.

Edited by Informpro, Tue 19 Jul, 2011 00:13: I dunno if I was drunk, but it looks like.
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