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Post [Solved] Registration; Username Already Taken 
UPDATE: Solved!

I read from a phpBB forum how to fix the user database in mysql. Two things I had to modify from the original (changed to):
 1) ip_users 2) user_allow_viewemail

This is the code that worked:

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
INSERT INTO ip_users (user_id, username, user_level, user_regdate, user_password, user_email, user_icq,
user_website, user_occ, user_from, user_interests, user_sig, user_allow_viewemail, user_style, user_aim, user_yim,
user_msnm, user_posts, user_attachsig, user_allowsmile, user_allowhtml, user_allowbbcode, user_allow_pm,
user_notify_pm, user_allow_viewonline, user_rank, user_avatar, user_lang, user_timezone, user_dateformat,
user_actkey, user_newpasswd, user_notify, user_active) VALUES ( -1, 'Anonymous', 0, 0, '', '', '', '', '', '', '',
'', 0, NULL, '', '', '', 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, NULL, '', '', 0, '', '', '', 0, 0);

To clarify. Open your site's main database in phpMyAdmin. Select SQL, then copy the above into the run box, select GO. If no errors given, then it should be good to go.

Original Post

Hello all,

I just recently upgraded to Icy 2.0. While checking things out, I noticed a problem with the registration function. Here are the steps leading up to the error.

- select the register link
- check the box: I specifically agree to these terms
- click 'I agree to these terms'

The next page returns: Sorry, but this username has already been taken.

Following the addresses:
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
/profile.php?mode=register&sid=[random characters]

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
/profile.php?mode=register&agreed=true&sid=[random characters]

Would not the last address be:
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]

... that is, without the sid ?

I've tried this both in Windows and Linux, producing the same result.

Link to site's registration: http://www.drm-cops.com/profile.php?mode=register

Any help/thoughts we be very much appreciated.

Thank you,


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Post Re: [Solved] Registration; Username Already Taken 
Congratulations on fixing this by yourself but i wonder if your DB tools in ACP could have fixed it also?

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Post Re: [Solved] Registration; Username Already Taken 
Thanks for reporting the fix.

It's very strange that you were missing the GUEST user.

Did you upgrade from phpBB 3 by chance?

SEARCH is the quickest way to get support.
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