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Post Things That Last After Update. 
Hi all,

last november, I upgraded from 1.2.27 to 2.0. The thing is that at DB, there are some tables which names begin with _old_ip*

Are they there for any reason? Can I delete them?

The same goes for a lot of files like root_folder/blocks/block_*.php

It seems there was a re factorization of blocks files, and the old still there. Can I throw fire on them?

And the ctracker folder, it has no utility too. Because I tried to rename it and there was no injury on the system, so this folder will meet the rm command, unless you give me any reason to not do it.

thanks you lads.

jefazo666Send private message  
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Post Re: Things That Last After Update. 
Yes you can delete those _old_ip tables Jefazo.

About the folders? ... I'm not sure, if I remember correctly ..you are the one who followed his own upgrade instructions instead of those in MG's read_me file/link in the release post.
So I can imagine you never deleted the old Icy files and just overwrote them with the new?

I'ld be carefull with deleting that ctracker folder though, maybe it's a good idea to compare all to the original content of the release.
Or just await more replies here from someone that knows for sure.

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