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Bug - Double Quotes - Viewforum

Bug - Double Quotes - Viewforum

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Post Bug - Double Quotes - Viewforum 
In viewforum this imgfade has two trailing "" and of course throws a html warning.

It's common - And I can patch it in the default.cfg - But I'm damned if I can find where it's being generated in index_box.tpl or viewforum.php?

Been toooo Long.

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        <td class="row1 tw37px" style="padding-left: 1px; padding-right: 3px; vertical-align: middle; min-height: 50px;" ><img src="templates/pearl/images/p_black/buttons/forum_nor_read.png" class="imgfade"" alt="No new posts" title="No new posts" /></td>
    <td class="row1h row-forum tw100pct" colspan="1" data-href="viewforum.php?f=3">

mort - View user's profile Send private message  
mort [ Sun 01 Mar, 2015 06:14 ]
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Bug - Double Quotes - Viewforum

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Post Re: Bug - Double Quotes - Viewforum 
Thanks for reporting.

This kind of effect should be definitely converted to a CSS class and removed from CFG files.

I will.

Mighty Gorgon - View user's profile Send private message  
Mighty Gorgon [ Mon 09 Mar, 2015 23:45 ]
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