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Plugin_album_block.php -> Plugin_album_pics_all

Plugin_album_block.php -> Plugin_album_pics_all

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Post Plugin_album_block.php -> Plugin_album_pics_all 

First you need to remove the / from this line 57: It wasn't wrong in the first place.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
include_once(ALBUM_MOD_PATH ./album_common.' . PHP_EXT);

@ MG:

After I add the block in the CMS - - - I get this..  

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'plugin_album_pics_all' (T_STRING) in C:\xampp\htdocs\ip\blocks\plugin_album.php on line 62

Line 62
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
                " . (($cms_config_vars['plugin_album_pics_all'][$block_id] == '1') ? '' : 'WHERE cat_user_id = 0') . "

Got me beat mate - Nearly there and beaten at the post..  

And this file album_common.php simply doesn't exist..  

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
[Icy Phoenix Debug] PHP Notice: in file /blocks/plugin_album.php on line 57: include_once(./plugins/album/includes/album_common.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
[Icy Phoenix Debug] PHP Notice: in file /blocks/plugin_album.php on line 57: include_once(): Failed opening './plugins/album/includes/album_common.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:/xampp/php/PEAR')

And this....

        include_once(ALBUM_MOD_PATH . 'album_common.' . PHP_EXT);

Appears to have NO purpose whatsoever.. So I've removed it... ?

Not only that - - - this script in plugin_album.php seems to be causing a problem also and declares $album_user_access  as undefined.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
            $album_user_access = album_user_access($row['cat_id'], $row, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); // VIEW
            if ($album_user_access['view'] == 1)
                $catrows[] = $row;
        if ($cms_config_vars['plugin_album_pics_all'][$block_id] == '1')
            $allowed_cat = '0'; // For Recent Public Pics below
            $allowed_cat = '';

And - - - If I remove that script the block installs in the CMS but without any data/pics etc.

And Another fault:

Fixed it here ->


Template->make_filename(): Error - included template file not found: album_slideshow_inc_js.tpl

Released too soon methinks.. There are too many small problems with it?  

mort - View user's profile Send private message  
mort [ Sat 19 Dec, 2015 04:36 ]
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Plugin_album_block.php -> Plugin_album_pics_all

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Post Re: Plugin_album_block.php -> Plugin_album_pics_all 
Mort,  for your info... The ZIP you provided the link to, the file inside


Line 57:-- include_once(ALBUM_MOD_PATH . '/album_common.' . PHP_EXT);

"/" needs removed.

I am starting afresh install today and see how far i can get.


resolved it here -- Link

Album still has other issues which i will tackle as i find them or until someone beats me to the fixes.

Thanks for your help Mort

AndyGpy - View user's profile Send private message  
AndyGpy [ Mon 21 Dec, 2015 09:56 ]
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