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Post OPTIMIZATION - How To Reduce CPU Charge On Server 
Hi All.

Here are some tips on how to reduce CPU charge on your server.

Remember that not all servers are configured in the same way... and not all are optimized.

Having said that, please note also that some servers don't like getimagesize PHP function and this slow down really much your page loadings when you enable thumbnails in posts on these servers.

Anyway, I'll try to list here some of the tips I've found useful so far on some servers, especially for large boards.

  • Disable thumbnails in posts will lower CPU charge. Since Icy Phoenix build 022 (currently still under beta testing) GIF, JPG and PNG images will be cached and getimagesize isn't used to show thumbnails, so futre versions will be really fast with thumbnails images (even outside images will be cached). Only PHP images won't be cached, because they are dynamic, so there is no point in caching them.
  • Remember to use maximum 75% as compression ratio. Higher ratios will require more CPU power.
  • Some BBCodes requires long cycles and CPU charge to be processed, so if you have only one lang on your site, and you don't need to Disable links for guests and Hidden contents, then you can enable Post caching in ACP => Configuration => Posting section.
  • Reduce the number of smileys.
  • Reduce the number of topics and posts per page (this is really useful for large boards).
  • Disable Autolinks and Acronyms.
  • Limit permissions to access pages via CMS Permissions (this will avoid unuseful traffic by guests and CPU charge): remember that statistics, site history, referrers are really high resource conduming. On large boards some statistics pages may require higher CPU charge sometimes hanging the server.
  • Disable extra statistics in Profiles (enable them only for admins).

That's all for now... I'll update this post when I have some extra tips for you.

Remember that configuration is really important to have the site running smoothly.

Use this topic in conjunction with this other one to optimize your Icy Phoenix configuration:

How To Reduce SQL Charge On Server

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