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Post [TOC] Documentation Table Of Contents 
[TOC] Documentation Table Of Contents

Below are links to various documentations and how-to's you may find useful.

This topic will be updated periodically as new documents and how-to's become available, so please check this topic for quick solutions to your Icy Phoenix issues frequently.


ACP Reference Manual
Configuring Domain / Script Path / Cookie Settings
How To Change Smtp Port
Making Default User Group For Users
You've Made Too Many Attempts To Register


BBCodes Glossary
Cell Classes
Colorizing Cells In Icy Phoenix
Enabling Html For Admin & Mods Only
How To Add Icy Phoenix BBCode Parsing To MODS Or Other Pages
How To Set The CODE And CODEBLOCK Closed By Default
How To Use Icy Phoenix Customized bbcode.php
New Cells, Lang Vars, Attachments And Downloads


Ads & Sponsors Guide
Advanced CMS Block Guide
How "Show In Home Page" Checkbox Works
How To Create An Icy Phoenix Blog
How To Create New HTML Block To Add In Your CMS
How To Create New Pages Within CMS
Icy Phoenix CMS Guide
Standard Pages In CMS


How To Convert Icy Phoenix To phpBB 3
How To Convert phpBB 3 Code To Icy Phoenix


About .htaccess Paths
Add Extra Link To Top Menu To A New Page
Add New Location In Who Is Online
Add An Extra Link To Top Menu / Nav Bar To Call A New Page. IP V1.3*
Adding New Kind Of Users For Preventing Not Auth Acces
Add Video BBCode And Buttons To The Editor. (Walkthrough)
Changing Read More... To Comments
Contact The Administrator Via contact_us.php
COSMETIC - Adding A Left Margin To Posted Text.
Create New Pages And Add Custom Vars
Create New Pages And Add Custom Vars. IP V1.3*
How To Add A New Var For Template
How To Add The Main Calendar To The Home Page (Index)
How To Change Registration Date Format
How To Configure Errors Pages
How To Create A Login Box
How To Customize Some IP Basics
How To Enable Extra Characters In Username
How To Install Activity MOD
How To Remove Image Linking In BBCode
Nav-Links Dynamic Menu - Modifying - Removing - Adding Links
Nav-Quick-Links Menu Closed By Default
Quick Reply Always Open
Removing Restrictions On Using Some Special Characters In Username
Replacing The Icy Phoenix Favicon
Upgrading The Version Number In The ACP


BigDump - Backup And Restore BIG Databases
Check Your MySQL Version
Fulltext Key
How To Add MOD'S SQL Using Icy Phoenix. (Walkthrough)
How To Add Tables To Database
How To Reduce SQL Charge On Server


Attachments - Tried To Upload Empty File
Blank Pages After Upgrading
Cannot Register Myself Twice Because IP Is The Same?
Critical Error - Could Not Get Theme Data
Deprecated: Function Set_magic_quotes_runtime() Is Deprecated
Error Creating New Session
Error Creating New Session
Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Of 8388608 Bytes Exhausted
How To Deal With Blank Pages Or Only Header Shown
Localhost - - Installation Errors
Mysql Errors Solution While Installing
Not Acceptable An Appropriate Representation Of Etc
Why Some Images Are Not Shown In Posts?


How To Redirect Users To A Page While Updating Your Site
Modify Php Settings With .htaccess File
Modifying PHP.INI Variables For Use With Icy Phoenix. IP V1.3*
Moving Icy Phoenix - The DNS And Script Path The EASY Way


Change Ltr To Rtl
Changing RSS Feed Charset


Several Cache Layers In Icy Phoenix
CHMOD Files Script


How To Reduce CPU Charge On Server
Optimize Your Forum


How To Allow Images In Signature
How To Create Custom Profile Fields


CBACK CrackerTracker Has Detected A Potential Attack
How To Avoid Hotlinking - Htaccess
How To Block Some Addresses In Referrers Page
How To Implement Anonymizer On Icy Phoenix
How To Prevent Hotlinking With PHP
Mail Spammers List And Spam Users
Question About Register Globals


How To Ban Bots
Problem With Google Keyword - Changing URL Rewrite Rule
Robots list


How To Install & Customize Styles
Replacing The Logo With A Different Sized One


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Icy Phoenix


Please add all new DOC and How-To documentations here!


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