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Post A Quick Knowledge Base Trick 
Howdy folks! Ray here.

I installed the KB and everything was cool until I noticed that when you set up a KB category, you MUST choose a forum for the comments to get sent to. Ok that is cool we can work with that. Where the problem came in is now the members can see the KB Categories in the forum and can post at will in the forums instead of using the KB which in turn makes having the KB completely useless. We can just go post in the forum categories.

Here is what I did to bring relevance back to the Knowledge Base plugin. When I set my forums up, I set each forum up to registered permissions and THEN changed view permission for all to Private. Only change the view. Now, anyone less than moderator status can not see the KB article forums thus forcing them to use the KB to post Knowledge Base materials (articles). When a user reads the KB article and they click add comment, they are in fact taken to that forum and can see everything because we left it set to read All.   They can make their comment post and in the bread crumbs, they have NO option to go back to that thread.

And there you have it! Hidden forums and users can still post and comment in the KB. Bring relevance back to your KB plugin folks. I would post this in the How to section but must be a mod to do that. I hope someone finds this little trick handy.

Take care!


"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold" -Bob Marley
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Post Re: A Quick Knowledge Base Trick 
Moved to documentation and how to.

IcyPhoenix ADR RPGEzArena (modded phpBB2+ADR)
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