Modify It The Menu

Subject: Modify It The Menu
Although we tried, I could not change the menu of the home ... then .. I begin to bottom I used the Edit Page button and I made changes to its menu through the appropriate function, but when I selected okey changes have not been made .. could you tell me the proper procedure to do this?
PS: I also emptied the cache ..

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Subject: Re: Modify It The Menu
Have a look here please

that´s a DOC that explains it quiet good

CUSTOMIZATION - Nav-Links Dynamic Menu - Modifying - Removing - Adding Links

Subject: Re: Modify It The Menu
^ ^ I already knew this way was just to see if there were other ways ^ ^ thanks anyway ..

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Subject: Re: Modify It The Menu
you can go to CMS aswell, and create a new Menu block there.

Subject: Re: Modify It The Menu
Try changing your menu block to the dyn menu [Dynamic Menu] block. You were probably editing your dynamic menu, but you weren't using the correct block to display that menu.

We have a DOC that will help you get the job done too. :)

Subject: Re: Modify It The Menu
I´ve been searching that in DOC section but could´nt find it Chaotic

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