SOLVED Text Left By Last Webmin

Subject: Text Left By Last Webmin
Hello there, about a year back I had someone create a forum site for me and they used Icy Phoenix, I love the thing but the problem is he left and didn't explain everything to me, I am a webdesigner but my skills are limited and outdated, I learned Adobe DreamWeaver CS3 and HTML and a few other little things but we never got into php. There is this block of text on that says(( Welcome to the new home of My WTA Gaming.
Currently our site is under construction, please check back as we finalize development.
-My WTA Gaming Staff))

and the problem is, we're not under construction anymore and anyone can join ^^; you see the problem? I went through all the menu's and went to my webhost ftp and trawled around there and cannot find what's making this message show up, I don't mind the block I just wanna change the message! LOL

Subject: Re: Text Left By Last Webmin
The file you are looking for is;


If you know HTML you will have no problem editing that. ;)

Subject: Re: Text Left By Last Webmin
Hello sakuryu, Welcome to IcyPhoenix,

Have a close look at ACP >> Configuration >> Server >> General Configuration:

  • Disable site

  • Display a message for the deactivation of the site.

  • Message which will appear when the site is deactivated

PS... on second thought .. I guess this is not what you are looking for :oops: please try Hans's solution :wink:

Subject: Re: Text Left By Last Webmin
There are two way for this Welcome Block
The first one was posted by Hans.
Hans wrote: [View Post]

Edit this file, reupload it and clean the cache.

The seconde and the one I prefer
Go into your CMS. You will find it on your startpage
Disable this block welcome_block.tpl
and create a new one as text and BBCode
How To Create/Edit/Delete A Block

On my own site I set this visible only for guest... because login-users know where they are :mricy:

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