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Post FAP SUPPORT - FAP Setup - Artie's Tutorial 
From 26 Oct, 2006

cornut wrote: 
I know the skill level is suppose to be easy... Well I uploaded all of the files into their folders but the text stuff, editing posts etc is completely over my head. Where do I find this stuff? creating/editing what? I'm such a noob.. any help would be appreciated. Just talk to me like the idiot I am explaining what exactly to do after all of the files got uploaded. I'm using the Artemis template but was told that didn't matter, they should all work the same other than the fact I may have to make some new images to go along with my template

www.sdnclan.net is the forums I'm trying to edit

if it is something you can explain here, tell me over Ventrilo, or maybe just do it for me I can set that up too

I really want the photo album but this mod is far beyond me... I dunno what CHMOD means.. I don't know how to create tables..  

Artie wrote: [View Post]
You should do this for yourself... it will be a learning experience for you.
I will try to explain the steps for you.

First step is BACKUP !!!
Create a backup copy of your phpBB and your phpBB database

No you can proceed with the installtion.

Copy all files/directories from the phpbb_root of the FAP package to your  to your working phpbb_root

You have done this step already ?

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
# Upload all files in directory "phpbb_root" with their structure to your phpBB root directory
# Remember to upload all the language files and template files to all your
# language packs and template directories

Edit these files ..... what and where to edit is explained in the FAP install text.

First off .... get you a decent text editor, do not use notepad or FileManager to edit your files.
Context and PSPad are 2 good ones.... Google for either.

These files are not part of the FAP package, they already exist in your  phpbb forum.
If you are using a template other than subSilver you will need to edit the appropiate files in that template, too.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
## Files To Edit: (14)
##                viewonline.php
##                admin/index.php
##                includes/bbcode.php
##                includes/constants.php
##                includes/page_header.php
##                includes/usercp_viewprofile.php
##                language/lang_english/lang_admin.php
##                language/lang_english/lang_main.php
##                templates/subSilver/admin/page_header.tpl
##                templates/subSilver/bbcode.tpl
##                templates/subSilver/overall_header.tpl
##                templates/subSilver/profile_view_body.tpl
##                templates/subSilver/simple_header.tpl
##                templates/subSilver/subSilver.cfg

Set the permissions as instructed

CHMOD means to set the permissions for a file's/directory's use. You can do this through your FTP client.
I can't tell you exactly how to do this, but if you find no CHMOD option look in the Properties option for the file or directory.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
CHMOD these directories for Full Album Pack to work correctly.
CHMOD 777 album_mod/upload
CHMOD 777 album_mod/upload/cache
CHMOD 777 album_mod/upload/med_cache
CHMOD 777 album_mod/upload/otf
CHMOD 777 album_mod/upload/wm_cache

The steps below are not required unless you enable the Nuffload Upload feature via your ACP

You can safely skip this step for now, it you want.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
Change "Path to cgi-bin" in Admin CP to a relative path from phpBB root to your cgi-bin
Create folder: cgi-bin/tmp/
copy cgi-bin/nuffload.cgi to cgi-bin/nuffload.cgi
CHMOD 777 cgi-bin/tmp/
CHMOD 755 cgi-bin/nuffload.cgi

This step will create your tables, etc for you....remove the file after you successfully run it.

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
Copy "fap_install.php" to your phpBB root and execute it from your browser when you're logged in with admin rights

That should do it .... hope I didn't leave anything out  

Good luck .... let us know  


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