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Post Icy Installation 

I've recently given up trying to install another CMS (Dragonfly CMS) as the installation was fairly difficult and would only install part's now I'm having the exact same problem with Icy.

I have FTP'd everything onto my server and installed it perfectly but when I go to the index page I get a white page with the text but no image's or anything but all the image's are on the server and the folder names are correct.

I had an internal server error as to which my host said it was due to the .htaccess file and advised me to removed it as it's not really worth keeping anyway so I did and it sorted the error but I can't do a clean install.

I'm about to remove everything and try again but I was just wondering if there's a step-by-step tutorial, if not could somebody write one as a few friends wish to use it also but can't install it either.



I've been reading a thread by "Zuker" about white pages and done 2 task's that was suggested and it seem's to be working fine now.

First I cleared the cache folder and that done nothing so i reinstalled in the templates manually and everything shows up now

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Post Re: Icy Installation 
sounds like everything is ok... can I mark this as solved..


Mods and themes for Icy Phoenix 1.3

IcyPhoenix UK is off-line permanently due to lack of time to update mods.
if anyone is interested in my templates I will upgrade them to Icy 2.0.
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