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Subject: Icy Phoenix
Hi all,
here is the third stable release of Icy Phoenix.

What's New Respect To Latest Stable Release

  • CMS Administration recoded with new features (some AJAX) and restyled
  • CMS Blocks and Layouts recoded from scratch to increase flexibility and performance (now block style is in a single file to help designing new styles)
  • CMS Standard Pages now is more flexible... can also handle new pages (even if a little code should be added to those pages to work correctly)
  • Removed the old CMS Pages Permissions section in CMS which has been replaced by the new Standard Pages section
  • New template structure: it is now possible to create brand new templates by just creating a CSS and a CFG file, this will reduce the number of files needed for each template, reducing also the job in case of updates or customizations; not only, you will be able to easily create combinations between different templates without having to duplicate directory structure
  • Common CMS and ACP templates now fully independent from all other templates
  • Common JS and CSS in common folder and possibility to include extra CSS and JS via PHP without editing TPL
  • Some Functions and other common includes splitted among several files to reduce memory charge and increase performance
  • Created new overall vars and switches to increase flexibility and performances (old switches were based upon loops, new ones are based on conditions, which are faster to be processed)
  • English language files grammatically reviewed (thanks Lopalong!) and in some cases updated to the new phpBB 3 format
  • New Junior Admin permission which gives full admin power while in the forum but restricted in ACP and CMS (ACP modules can be assigned via Junior Admin management and CMS permission for CMS management)
  • Brand new Statistics system which integrates new features and replace also old Site History page
  • Bots Parsing now is DB dependent and bots can now have REG access... also you can now add a switch for bots in TPL files to avoid bots spidering something you don't want them to
  • URL Rewrite modified to be more efficient
  • Print Page improved
  • Added Google Search page to be used alternatively the standard search system, this will reduce the charge on your server
  • Colorize username function recoded to reduce looping and cache issues with a large userbase
  • Recoded caching system which in older Icy Phoenix version was proved to fail for high traffic sites: this new way to cache should be more efficient and should reduce CPU charge under stressing condition
  • Birthdays and Calendar should now use less resources than before, again big sites will benefit from this
  • New CRON system which should be easier to be customized and improved... basic functions already added, new features to come with future versions...
  • Created new user related functions to simplify Icy Phoenix integration and coding: user_get_avatar, build_im_link, PM Class, generate_user_info
  • AJAX Sorting in some ACP and CMS pages to speed up things in administrating things
  • New Recent Topics page allowing admins to track latest users activity
  • Forums Sorting capabilities both by adding alphabetical sorts and columns headers links
  • Higher Lang Encoding compatibility
  • Mass PM feature integrated in Mass Email section
  • Brand new Ads and Banners system
  • Mass Email supports now full HTML format for nicely formatted newsletters
  • Smileys Categories section... it is hardcoded to improve performances even with thousands of smileys
  • Step by step DB Backup System similar to MySQLDumper... to avoid nasty timeouts when backing up the site
  • HighSlide JS (http://highslide.com/) integration
  • Event Registration feature has been added
  • Fixed a lot of bugs in IE
  • Many smaller updates and features... install the new version to discover all of them!

Older templates: Please note that the template system has been totally revamped, so templates designed for or below won't work at all with this version. Check the new styles section for templates which already work with this version: Styles.

Translations: Please note that lang packs for won't work with this version. Lang packs need to be updated before you can use them on your site. I will update all lang files in download section as soon as translators will send me their latest release. Currently lang files for Icy Phoenix 1.3 RC 2 should work fine even if not fully up to date. You can find latest development translations here: http://code.assembla.com/icyphoenix_langs/subversion/nodes/trunk

Customizations And Mods: Please note that this version has many core difference from the previous one, so it is really unlikely that old customizations and mods will work with this brand new release. If you have some mods installed and you cannot update them on your own, please be patient until the author or the person who have ported them to Icy Phoenix will find some free time to update them.

  • Requirements
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  • Fresh Installation
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  • How To Upgrade From phpBB 2
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  • How To Upgrade From Old Icy Phoenix Versions
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  • How To Upgrade From Icy Phoenix Beta OR RC Versions
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Available Packages

Icy Phoenix
Package Name: Icy Phoenix
Package Version:
Release Spot: Non c'era la legge sul pericolo!

DOWNLOAD: Icy Phoenix ( Mirror 1 ) ( Mirror 2 )


As per HighSlide JS license agreement I report this:

GIT Links
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SVN Links
Using a client:
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Using a browser:
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SourceForge Page
Icy Phoenix @ SourceForge

Ohloh Page
Icy Phoenix @ Ohloh


All older versions of Icy Phoenix will not be supported any more, you are invited to upgrade to the latest stable release which adds many improvements to the system and it is more secure.

Please note that if you decide to upgrade your existing site with this version, you may face some problems and you may not be able to recover your datas in case something goes wrong. Make sure you have a full backup before proceeding.

Should you ask for support, please remember that this is an open source community and me and all the Staff are doing all for free and in their spare time... be kind, be patient and respect other users efforts and hard work.

Enjoy Icy Phoenix!
Luca Libralato

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Hi guys,
just some integrations to the announcement.

  • Release a new software version (especially if it is an update) require a huge amount of time, may things have to be double checked, and even when you double check, errors could be done.
  • The full website has to be updated to latest release, some links removed, other links added and or edited. Announcements and stickies should be reviewed.
  • Old support topics should be moved to avoid confusion.
  • Old contributions files should be removed to avoid people trying to make them work with latest release.
  • New files should be uploaded and all sections updated with the new content.
  • More...

As you know we are open source here, and even if we are trying to do our best, we are humans after all... so you can expect some errors or things not properly updated on this website in these days. We all need your helps to improve things and fix what needs to be fixed.

Please if you notice something which is not working fine or something which should be fixed contact me or report in this topic. We will try to fix things as soon as possible, even if something will require some days / weeks to be carried out (like updating all Docs).

Remember that we are all volunteers here.

Thank you for your help and patience and enjoy new Icy Phoenix release.

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
A big thanks for your very hard work! :up:

I'm proud to be the first downloader of this great release! :mrb:

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Awesome job Luca and here's to another fine release!

By the way Buldo, I downloaded it first, straight from Luca. :LOL: 8)

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix

:mrviolet: :mrviolet: :mrviolet: :mrviolet: :mrviolet: :mrviolet:

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Chaotic wrote: [View Post]
By the way Buldo, I downloaded it first, straight from Luca. :LOL: 8)

Damn.... :evil: :evil:
But I get the 1st download in the "Downloads" page on this site!! :P :mrblue:

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
That's true! LOL

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
good work :)

now i can start to check if this version a better cms for me

Profile PM  
Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Congratulations!!! and thanks MG and all the Team to make this posible!!!

Downloading and testing!!!! :mrgreen:

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Congratulations!!! :) When are we going to start translating to other languages, like spanish and catalan? ;)

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Brilliant news.. now begins a great deal of updating and reinstalling I cant wait...

well done Luca and thank you for all your work..

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Ahoy m8tys,

just a simple question: Is this a Release Canditate - or is it the Release? I just want to make sure before i update, that I got a version that is not anylonger in development phase and so the effects on my currently running site are reduced to a minimum. I know pretty well that even release versions can be buggy - but thats not part of this question.

Short: Recommend you to update?

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
I will update my site!!

Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Awsome, as always is, Luca.

Keep pushing!

Off Topic
In the SVN way:
Keep coding, keep adding, keep commiting, keep pushing, keep {versioned repo system}ing!

Yeah, I in a day in which my mood has lots of humor. (It sounds a little bit strange to me....) :?

Huor wrote: [View Post]
Ahoy m8tys,

just a simple question: Is this a Release Canditate - or is it the Release? I just want to make sure before i update, that I got a version that is not anylonger in development phase and so the effects on my currently running site are reduced to a minimum. I know pretty well that even release versions can be buggy - but thats not part of this question.

Short: Recommend you to update?

Huor: This is the relese of a Stable version. No RCs, betas, alphas, or whatever else. This is like the LTS version of a ubuntu OS, it is the final and stable version since So, I reccomend you to upgrade.

Profile PM  
Subject: Re: Icy Phoenix
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kid:

Congratulations!!! and thanks MG and all the Team to make this posible!!!

I am going to wait for Spanish Translation :doc:

Greatings to everyone! :mrgreen:

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