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Post Minimum Post Length 
I recall the ability to set the minimum post length in an older version of a board I used with just PHPBB2 or maybe 3.  I have been using IP for a year or so now and have begun having the problem of too many members just posting a simple "y" or worse yet a single smiley.  

I have looked through the posts here and done some searches but I can not find a setting to limit the posts to require a minimum of a certain number of words or characters.  Is this available for IP or as a mod?


I just found my own answer.  Found it on phpbbhacks site.  It was a simple mod or hack designed for phpbb2 i think.   Anyhow needed a few syntax changes to fit with IP,, I made it work by

OPEN Posting.php
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
elseif ($submit || $confirm || ($draft && $draft_confirm))
  Should be around line 1094
Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
elseif ($submit || $confirm || ($draft && $draft_confirm))
        if('mode' != "delete")
            // Set up minimum post length
               $briansTmp = $HTTP_POST_VARS['message'];
               $briansTmp = trim($briansTmp);
            if (strlen($briansTmp) < 9)
                    $error_msg = 'Message is too short.';
                    $error = true;


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Post Re: Minimum Post Length 
There is no need to install extra mods...

OPEN templates/common/bbcb_mg.js
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    if (document.forms[form_name].elements[text_name].value.length < 2)

Code: [Download] [Hide] [Select]
    if (document.forms[form_name].elements[text_name].value.length < 9)

Adjust the red number to what you like...

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