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Post Facebook Connect MOD V1.0 
Hey guys, long time since I bring something useful. This time I bring a small mod to add the facebook "I like" button to your site.

I intend to continue doing the integration to also add a function to login to the forum with the facebook "Login" button. Here is the first step. =)

A.-) Getting the code...

There is two ways to add the button. With iFrames and With XMFBL. This time we use the iFrame Version

This is the code you will add


NOTE: Please sorry for post the code like this, but when i try to preview the page next characters doesn't appear ";""&".

1.-) Well, You should replace "YOU_SITE_URL" with... your site url root xD
2.-) In Layout=Standard

You can change to Layout=box_count or Layout=button_count to change the button style =). Or... you can leave it in standad to have the default facebook button style =).

B.-) Insert the code

Well the easiest way to integrate this, is putting the code in ./templates/YOUR_CURRENT_THEME/index_body.tpl.

In index_body.tlp find
Spoiler: [ Show ]

Between the above code and </div> tag you can ad the code... in my case was like this
Spoiler: [ Show ]

The like button will appear in the header always =) beside the sitelogo... You can have a look in my site

C.-) Adding to all post =)

You can add the button to all principal post... you can have a look in my site too, in anytopic. I have installed two buttons. One below the title topic and another at the end of the post =). Have a look here

In this case we need to get the xfbml code

Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. <script src="http://connect.facebook.net/es_LA/all.js#xfbml=1"></script><fb:like font="tahoma" href="FORUM_ROOT{U_VIEW_TOPIC_BASE}"></fb:like>     

In this example

/es_LA/ -> You can change to en_US if you speak english =)
FORUM_ROOT -> You MUST change this to your root url (http://ittg.260mb.com/foro/ in my case)

Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. <script src="http://connect.facebook.net/es_LA/all.js#xfbml=1"></script><fb:like font="tahoma" href="http://ittg.260mb.com/foro/{U_VIEW_TOPIC_BASE}"></fb:like> 

This code will be inserted in ./templates/YOUR_CURRENT_THEME/viewtopic_body.tpl .
To insert this code below the topic title you can add your code after this code
Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. <div class="topic-title-hide-flow-header"><h1><a href="{U_VIEW_TOPIC_BASE}" style="text-decoration: none;">{TOPIC_TITLE}</a></h1> 

And to add this code at the end of the principal posts you can add the code ABOVE this
Code: [Download] [Hide]
  1. <div class="post-text post-text-hide-flow"> 

Well, this is the first step to add facebook to your site...
I hope integrate several facebook things to icy =)

NOTE : If you want add the button in a block in index... you can add the iFrame version in a HTML block =)
NOTE2 : If you like this little add please go to the site and click the "I like" button =)
NOTE 3: Somebody knows a good free hosting icyphoenix features compatible?... (without adds if possible xD)
NOTE 4: If someone want edit the post in order to understand it better (for my poor english) please do it =)

If you have questions you can post it here =)
Greetz and i hope see you soon!!!

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Post Re: Facebook Connect MOD V1.0 
"This code will be inserted in ./templates/YOUR_CURRENT_THEME/viewtopic_body.tpl .
To insert this code below the topic title you can add your code after this code."
Is this code okey?  Mine is not running. Hm, some misunderstanding, probably.
p.s. Nice english

Edited by DWho, Thu 01 Sep, 2011 09:44: link removed....
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