Icy Phoenix

CustomIcy Pictures is a tool really powerful and flexible which allows you to customize your images and graphics elements with few mouse clicks. Unfortunately some effects require high CPU and memory charge, so some of them will be applied only on resized images

How to use this tool:
 1. Upload an image using the form located at page bottom (last uploaded image will be stored in cookies for future re-use)
 2. Apply all the effects you like and click on the thumbnail to see a preview (on some browser you need to click Reload Page at the bottom of the page)
 3. Click on Download to get your customized image

 • Images bigger than 400x300 will be resized for fast preview, even if downloaded image will be full size (unless you chose heavy load effects).
 • Direct link to images won't work, because hotlinking has been disabled: if you are interested in direct linking images from here, please contact Mighty Gorgon.
 • Currently this feature is still under beta testing: if you notice something wrong, please contact Mighty Gorgon.

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