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mort [ Sat 19 Dec, 2015 02:47 ]
Post subject: [BUG] V2.0.17.103 - Album_nuffimage_box.tpl Not Loading?
In Da Album - When I try to view Click here to apply Special Effects

Template->make_filename(): Error - template file not found: album_nuffimage_box.tpl

In album_nuffimage_box.php

I patch the path with:

Code: [Hide] [Select]
$template->set_filenames(array('album_nuffimage_box' => './../../plugins/album/templates/default/album_nuffimage_box.tpl'));

And then I get:

Template->loadfile(): No files found for handle nuffimage_box

Over to you my fine-feathered friend for you to fix! Because I can't work out what is where...

Other than that - It'sa working pretty a good so far:


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