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Documentation And How To - Plugin Skeleton

Informpro [ Wed 26 Mar, 2014 18:30 ]
Post subject: Plugin Skeleton

This is a plugin skeleton to start your own plugin. You just need to replace every occurence of "myplugin" (or "MYPLUGIN") with your plugin name.

This file structure only uses a root file : myplugin.php. It then dispatches to the correct plugins/myplugin/pages/{$page}.php file. The default template file is plugins/myplugin/templates/default/{$page}_body.tpl. You can change the $template_file variables inside your page to tune that.

TheSteffen [ Thu 27 Mar, 2014 00:27 ]
Post subject: Re: Plugin Skeleton
Thanks for sharing and for your time Informpro

Mighty Gorgon [ Tue 08 Apr, 2014 22:31 ]
Post subject: Re: Plugin Skeleton
Thank you very much Informpro, very much appreciated.

Nasarhayat [ Wed 29 Apr, 2020 14:42 ]
Post subject: Re: Plugin Skeleton

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