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Post Lightning Storms And Power Surges. 
What's the weather like in Italy and France?

Because Oh Brother !

We had one hell of storm pass through here in South Australia and it literally "pissed" down with rain, hail, lightening and blackouts!  

And to top it off - we had one hell of a power surge that took out power grid transformers, sub-stations and blew up a whole of of electrical appliances!

i lost my laptop (Motherboard, power supply, memory, processor and all the SSD's, iPad, three WiFi phones, one iPhone  one 7 port USB hub, 8 Plug-packs,  one 1000w drilling machine that I was actually holding at the time - and when it hit my arms it went straight up about 12 /15  feet and smashed the handle and switch to pieces when it landed.)

Yeah, a lot of fun - "IF" you're a photographer or Storm-Chaser!

And we're still arguing with the insurance company as to who is at responsible to make good the damage - Them or God!

This will be a perfect example of the damage that can be caused and the non-believers in Climate Change will soon get the message as soon as it starts affect them! - Like in QLD at the moment with copping Cyclonic after Cyclonic weather.


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Post Re: Lightning Storms And Power Surges. 
Hi my friend, it's very sad to read that you suffered all that damage at once!  

I hope at least you are fine.

It's not common (at least in Italy) to have storms like that... luckily I would say... even if as a photographer it would be nice to get some photos... but at which price!

I hope your insurance company will cover the damage.

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Post Re: Lightning Storms And Power Surges. 
we have witnessed weather like no other here in the states this year as well. I do have a camera and love taking pics but not at that cost that s for sure.

Hope you guys are doing as well as can be.

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